The TRAMO LEFT TURNING FLYOVER is a project related to the construction of the MRT (called LRT 3 or EDSA LRT). Purpose of the Tramo Flyover is to allow, as its name clearly states, a LEFT TURN direct access from EDSA to Tramo (Aurora Boulevard, Pasay City) and the National and International Airports, avoiding long and time consuming detours.

The EDSA portion of the flyover has been provided (upon request of the Pasay City Government) with a “Y” section and extra foundations and coping beams to accommodate future construction of an additional left turn in correspondence of Apelo St., Pasay City.

The Tramo Left-Turning Flyover contract is divided into two, the first is called the Unaffected Portion and is financed by the MRTC, while the second is called the Affected Portion and is financed by the Department Of Transportation And Communication, (DOTC).

The Affected Portion of the Tramo Left-Turning Flyover contract was awarded to FOUNDATION SPECIALISTS, INC. on July 2002, as a “fast track” project, with project completion projected to be on July 2003. Upon express direction of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to the MRT General Manager and Project Director in December 2002, the General Contractor was requested to further fast track the project and to target an early completion in April 2003. FOUNDATION SPECIALISTS, INC., the general contractor, was able to complete the project at the end of March 2003, four (4) months ahead of the contractual schedule and in only eight (8) months from the award. Several sophisticated technologies, competent and very experienced project management, and the highest degree of quality control had to be applied to the project in order to achieve the early completion schedule while maintaining the highest quality standard for every aspect of the work. The contractor prepared an extremely detailed daily program of all the activities, which enabled the achievement of “real time” control and review of the project schedule.

The Tramo Left-Turning Flyover has a total length of .8 kilometer. It begins at EDSA south-bound and ends at (Tramo) Aurora Boulevard. The access ramps are on embankment, built using the MSE system (Reinforced Soil), confined by precast concrete panels. The ramps‘ total length is 205 linear meters. The foundations of the superstructure are all on large diameter bored piles with diameter up to 5.1 meters. All piles were executed under static bentonite suspension. The straight segments of the Flyover, both on Tramo and EDSA are on Type IV AASHTO girders, fabricated using the FS POSTENSIONING SYSTEM. The curve section of the flyover is made of steel box girders. In order to fast track the construction schedule, a large portion of the bridge slab was formed using permanent steel deck.

The Tramo Left-Turning Flyover main features:

    •  69 AASHTO Type IV girders with length ranging from 24 to 26 meters
    •  700 tons of steel box girders.
    •  2,500 l.m. of large diameter bored piles up to 5.1m
    •  1,350 l.m. FS-SOILCEMENT COLUMNS

The bridge was successfully load tested to maximum design load (AASHTO HS20-44/MS-18 loading) before inauguration.




  Special Foundations
ISO 9001:2000